• Reimbursements
    1. Visit the Financial Reimbursement System
    2. Select which form to used based on your type of reimbursement
    3. Fill in the blank sections on the form appropriately and leave the Treasurer section blank
    4. Make sure you have the following 3 forms: (Memo), Reimbursement Form, Receipt, Bank Statement
    5. Place those three forms into your own Service’s Google Drive folder within the Finance folder. Make sure each reimbursement has their own folder and copy the link.
    6. Go to your Reimbursement Tab of your Service’s Master Sheet and fill out your respective information (leave the first column blank)
    7. Message your assigned FA (Slack/Email) to let them know about your reimbursement 
      1. Include Email (Naming Convention) or Slack Message (first line): Type-Service-Payee-DateSubmitted (ex: e-Transfer-HeWe-Angela Li-210706
      2. Body of Message:
        • Line Item
        • Amount
        • Description
        • Link to your Reimbursement Tab (Service’s Mastersheet)
    8. Processing Times
      • Contracts – 4 Weeks
      • Invoice – 2 Weeks
      • e-Transfers – 2 Weeks
      • Credit Card – 1 Week
        • Does not need a form, message your FA first, then send an email to with appropriate information
    9. If you have any late/missing reimbursements over 1 month (that have been submitted to the AMS), please fill out this Reimbursements Tracking form. If it is still processing (you should check this in your BS tracking tabs), follow-up and provide details in an email to


Reminder all Invoices do need to be submitted 2 WEEKS in advance to,, and cc your FA

      • Look at the EFT Form to ensure you provide all the information needed in your email
        • Description of Invoice
        • Link to Master Budget Sheet
        • Exact Line Items
        • Invoice
        • Contract
        • Void Cheque/Bank Information of Vendor

Some Limitations

Maximum amount per submission:

  • $500 for general membership of the CUS
  • $1000 for Service Council, Executive Council, and Board Members


  1. Any item and value that has been approved and referenced in the budget is not considered restricted
  2. The following items will only be reimbursed as determined by the Vice-President Finance or the Associate Vice-President Finance on special conditions:
    • Cell phone plan, to a maximum of $30 per month
    • Delegate fees for required conference/event attendance
    • Anything deemed beneficial to the operations of the CUS
    • Gas
    • Parking fees
    • Meals
  3. The following items will not be reimbursed under any circumstances:
    • Traffic/parking fines
    • Any avoidable types of fines
    • Meeting food
    • Tips in excess of 20%
  4. Team (per person, TAX INCLUSIVE)
    • $15 for Merch
    • $20 for Socials
  5. Event Giveaways
    • Max. $200 per event