Last Updated: August 26, 2016 - 4:06 PM

For all CUS affiliated clubs, please contact the AMS Finance Commission regarding access to Rezgo. Each club will be given their own access to Rezgo and payments are dealt by the AMS.

All CUS Service Council members are permitted to use the Commerce Undergraduate Society’s Rezgo Account. To request access, please continue to read:

In Autumn of 2010, the CUS Board of Directors voted to better protect event organizers and student registrants who use the Rezgo registration system.

The Confidentiality Agreement outlines the boundaries of how the Rezgo registration can be used – it protects the organizer by providing clearer information as to how information should be treated. It also provides a greater sense of security for our student registrants, knowing that the users behind the the system will respect their private information.

If you would like to gain user access to Rezgo registation system, please complete the Confidentiality Agreement and send to the Vice-President Internal at