Do not advertise at the Sauder Exchange Cafe!

All advertising must follow the following policies

  • Posters must be attached to a designated poster Bulletin Board
  • Posters cannot be taped onto the wall of any space within the Henry Angus Building
  • Posters cannot be taped inside bathrooms within the Henry Angus Building
  • No posters are to be placed on tables, chairs, washrooms, or doors within the Henry Angus Building
  • No advertisements are permitted to be placed in the Sauder Exchange Cafe area

The following areas are the ONLY areas where posters will be permitted:

  • The Birmingham Lounge (the back area – both sides have boards)
  • The CUS Student Lounge (2nd floor)
  • The old stairwell of the building (boards are on every floor)
  • The hall boards on the new side of the building (2nd floor and up)
  • The SWING building (only the board outside SWING221)

The CUS Administration, Sauder Administration, and UBC Security reserve the right to remove ANY posters that does not abide by this policy. Please be advised that posters on the walls will not be tolerated. The Sauder Administration will issue a warning for any misconduct with advertising.