All domains must be handled by the IT Director to ensure proper ownership and belongings of the Commerce Undergraduate Society.

What are domains?

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet (e.g.,,

Please contact our IT Director at to make a request for a domain.

Web Hosting

All websites are administratively maintained by the IT Director. All websites belonging to the CUS Service Council must be owned and hosted by the UBC Commerce Undergraduate Society. No website shall be hosted by a third-party for the Service Council.

All CUS Service Council members are entitled to a website hosted under a dedicated server.

What is a dedicated server?

  • The CUS has an entire server that does not share with foreign users
  • The CUS can host many websites on the server
  • The CUS has full control and permissions of the server
  • The CUS has administrative access to your website in the event that passwords are lost


  • The Service Council does not need to annually pay for web hosting (valued at approximately $5.00 per month, up to $50 to $140+ per year)
  • The IT Director can be the troubleshooter

Any questions or requests? Please contact our IT Director at