Visual Media

Last Updated: November 29, 2016 - 4:48 PM


Please read the following disclaimers before submitting your request for Visual Media Photography coverage. By accepting these terms and conditions, the requester confirms to have read, understood and accepted its contents.

[ Request Specific ]

1. Visual Media reserves the right to reject any event.
2. Visual Media reserves the right to reject any specific photographer’s request.

[ Equipment Specific ]

1. Visual Media will NOT lend any of their equipment to any other clubs/services for liability reasons.

[ Photo Specific ]

1. Visual Media will use its own watermark for all the images.
2. Visual Media will post all the images on their Facebook Page.
3. Visual Media owns the copyrights of all the images captured at requested events.
4. Visual Media will NOT provide any raw/unedited files to any requesting Club/Service.
5. Visual Media has the final word on how the pictures will be edited.

** Please note however, your club/service may share the album that is posted on Visual Media’s Facebook page at any time. **

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