General Inquiries

For general inquiries regarding Room Booking, Lockers, and Business Cards, please contact the Associate Vice-President, Internal Affairs.

Associate Vice-President, Internal Affairs: Merissa Li

Vice-President, Internal Affairs: Joshua Lee

Finance Inquiries

For inquiries regarding the Financial Reimbursement System and reimbursement policies, please contact the Associate Vice-President, Finance.

Associate Vice-President, Finance: Nicholas On

Associate Vice-President, Finance: Jason Van

Vice-President, Finance: Jenna Leung

External and Corporate Relations Inquiries

If you are an External Company wishing to be in contact with the CUS, including inquiries regarding sponsorship, please contact the Associate Vice-President External.

Associate Vice-President External: Cindy Zhao

Vice-President, External Affairs: Harleen Sohi

Marketing Inquiries

If you are a member of the press, and you would like to schedule an interview with our spokesperson, or if you would like to provide us content for use in our media distributions, please contact the Vice-President, Marketing and Communications.

Vice-President, Marketing and Communications: Annie Chen

Information Technology Inquiries

For email address and website inquiries, please contact the Information Technology Director.

Information Technology Director: Josh Chan